De school van Transformatie

Bij Trans Academy begeleiden we je liefdevol bij je crossdressing of transitie. Wij bieden gepersonaliseerde coachingsdagen. We bieden ook een coachingsplan voor stellen die crossdressing in hun relatie willen opnemen of voor stellen van wie een partner in transitie is.

Gepersonaliseerde diensten

Express your femininity and take it to the next level. Whether your struggling with finding your beauty routine or feminine behavior. During your personalized coaching we’ll focus on what will help you most.

After an online intake, we will personalize a coaching plan to help you become more confident about your femininity for your crossdressing or transition. The packages focus on;

  • Beauty, Make-up & Styling
  • Behaviour, Posture & Mannerisms 
  • Makeover by Lux


Gepersonaliseerde coachingdag

At Trans Academy, we will lovingly guide you through your crossdressing or transition. We offer various coaching packages from make-up, styling, movement, and behavior to hairstyling and skincare routines. Lux will also focus on how you feel and how your feminine side is taking shape in your day-to-day life. Whether it is cross-dressing or if you found out your feminine side is the real you, in both cases, it is hard to be whom you want to be, and Lux can guide you in this process and the struggles you might face.

Located in the Netherlands.

One-day personalized coaching

6 hours 495,-

After an online intake, we will personalize a coaching plan to help you become more feminine with your crossdressing or transition.

Possible options for your coaching day

  • Makeup lesson
  • Styling lessons
  • Makeover by Lux and explanation of the steps.
  • Hairstyling and wigs
  • Feminine hands. Learn how to paint your nails and take care of your hands.
  • Shaving instructions
  • Skincare beauty routine
  • How to shape your eyebrows
  • How to walk on heels
  • First steps outside
  • How to move and behave like a woman
  • Shopping together dressed as a woman
  • Get your ears pierced
  • Get your nails done with gel color (can stay up to 4 weeks)
  • Mental health coaching: We will also focus on how you are feeling and how your feminine side is shaping your day-to-day life.

Included in the one-day coaching package is a feminine high tea (let us know beforehand If you have any allergies or are vegan etc.).
*For transition coaching, please let us know if there are specific things you would like to focus on or discuss.

Photos and videos can be taken by Lux of your experience. You can also choose to book a professional photographer by her partner Laurens/Loren with your coaching day for 150 euro.

Makeup lesson

Do you need assistance applying makeup correctly? Lux is a gender transformation makeup artist who will teach you how to work with your unique features, as it is hard to work with online tutorials when someone has an entirely different face. This is why it is essential to do a personalized tutorial specifically for your facial features and learn how to make them as natural and feminine as possible. We can focus on applying foundation, color correction, shaping eyebrows, contouring, eyeliner, eye makeup, fake lashes, lipliner, and lipstick. She can teach you all about it personalized to your face.

Styling lessons

Do you need help finding your style?

Which clothing and styles fit your body best? How do you accentuate your curves? Which colors suit you best? Our stylist loves to help you out with these and other questions you might have. Lux has worked for years as a fashion designer, and in her latest fashion week runway collection, there was also a focus on cross-dressing models and transwomen. She knows how to work with your body type and make you feel and look feminine. With our ever-growing collection of clothes and shoes, we will select several looks to find the style that works best for you. There is also the possibility of buying some of our outfits, getting guidance for online shopping, or even going shopping together.

Makeover by Lux with explanation of the steps

Lux will do a makeover for you while she will explain the steps to you when she is applying the makeup. Some pictures can be taken during your makeover so you can practice recreating the look at home.

Hairstyling and wigs 

Your hairstyle is a crucial step to looking and feeling feminine. Lux can teach you about your hair and find your style, or we can try out wigs from our extensive selection. What length, color, cut, straight, or curly hairstyle best fits you? Let’s find out.

Feminine hands. Learn how to paint your nails and take care of your hands

You look at your hand many times a day, so it is essential for them not to look masculine.

Lux had a beauty salon in the past, so she knows a lot about taking care of your hands and nails. She can teach you how to apply nail polish, take care of your hands from using creams to paraffine treatments, do hair removal, and take care of your cuticles. Lux will make sure to help you make them as feminine as possible.

Shaving instructions

Shaving is an important topic when you want to look feminine. Lux had a beauty salon in the past, so she knows a lot about skin types and what works best for them. She can help you with how to shave correctly, suggest products, or help you look into permanent hair removal.

Skincare beauty routine

When you start to wear makeup more often or start hormones, if you are in transition, you will notice your skin might have more blemishes or other irritations. Lux had a beauty salon in the past. She has the experience in advising a skincare routine for you. She can also suggest skin treatment options to you as she did for customers in the past, from microdermabrasion to led skin therapy treatment, high-frequency facial treatment, using facemasks, and more

How to shape your eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows is essential for looking feminine the eyebrows are a prominent facial feature. Lux can do your eyebrows for you and teach you how to take care of them at home and keep them in perfect shape. She will also teach you to shape them further with powder or brow wax.

How to walk in heels

This is something that many find out is harder than it seems.

Lux will guide you on gracefully walking in different kinds of heels.

First steps outside as a woman

Do you want to go outside as a woman but are afraid to take your first steps?

You will be styled, your makeup will be done, and Lux will guide you with your first steps outside as a woman.

Want a lasting memory? Our photographer can join us to take pictures of your first steps outside.

How to move and behave like a woman

It is not only about looks and walking in heels; there are many more important things to keep in mind, like how to move femininely, sit and behave. Lux studied body language and will make sure to help you improve in moving more like a cis woman. She can also teach you more about dining properly like a lady.

Shopping together dressed as women

Do you want to go shopping for outfits and shoes, wigs and lingerie? Lux can accompany you. You will be styled, your makeup will be done, and Lux will guide you with finding your feminine wardrobe outside as a woman.

Get your ears pierced 

Of course, getting your ears pierced is a big step to your feminine side; who doesn’t love earrings? This is something Lux can do for you with professional piercing equipment.

Get your nails done with gel color

Gel nail polish is a beautiful and professional way of painting nails. You can do this at a salon, but Lux can also do this for you. The polish can stay pretty up to 4 weeks.

Mental health coaching

We will also focus on how you feel and how your feminine side is taking shape in your day-to-day life. It might be hard living in this world feeling there is another side to you or that that side even is the real you. Lux has helped many people who deal with day-to-day obstacles when it comes to gender. She and her partner consider themselves gender fluid. Lux had a period when she was a tomboy and struggled with her identity. Later finding out her cis woman side was more dominant, a journey started to find the most femme vision she had set for herself. She sometimes still cross-dresses Female to Male to Johnny. And it was essential to her to look as passable as possible when going out as johnny, so she understands what you are feeling. Besides understanding, she also studied practical psychology and will help you in a way that works for you. From affirmations to cognitive behavior therapy, she will look into it with you on what might help you personally. She is always there if you want to talk about your feelings during your coaching day. This is a safe environment where you can be who you want to be and be proud of, as it is not easy to stand for who you are in this world. This is a super powerful step you are taking to be yourself.

Couples coaching

One day of personalized coaching for couples.

We also provide a coaching plan for couples that want to include crossdressing in their relationship or for couples from whom a partner is transitioning.

Do you want your partner included in the lessons so they can help you in the future or to be there as support?

Including your partner can also mean a couples coaching session, in which we will focus more on how you go about it in day-to-day life regarding the partner crossdressing or going through a transition. How can your partner support you? What are the obstacles in the relationship regarding this subject and more?

6 hours 595,-

This option will be personalized to the couple. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email for the intake.

Included in the one-day coaching package is a feminine high tea (let us know beforehand If you have any allergies or are vegan etc.).

Trans Makeover

Looking for a way to feel feminine and beautiful? Then our male-to-female gender makeover without coaching is perfect for you!

  • Three different looks, make-up, hair, clothing.
  • A professional photoshoot.
  • Food and drinks included.
  • A 4,5 hour makeover
  • 10-12 professionally retouched pictures.

Check out our other service on:

Barbie, sissy or maid

Everyone experiences their feminine side differently. We have a fun maid training package or become a super girly girl or a barbie. For more info contact us about the maid training, over the top girly, sissy option and alternative lifestyle coaching.

Lessen door

Lux / Johnny

Fotografie door

Loren / Laurens

Over ons

Lux & Loren

In het verleden hebben wij beide nagedacht over transitioneren. Uiteindelijk hebben wij dit niet gedaan, en hebben wij besloten om af en toe te crossdressen. Lux als vrouw naar man, en Loren als man naar vrouw.

In de jaren hebben wij veel ervaring opgedaan, deze delen wij graag met jou. We coachen graag mensen om hun innerlijke zelf naar buiten te laten komen. Of je nou deze gevoelens al van jong af aan hebt of net hebt ontdekt. Voel je welkom bij ons.


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